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Just like the good ol'days

Taking life one coffee at a time seems very apt these days. So how's your workplace going about the 'new normal'?

Some offices will be more than happy to wipe down their workplace appliances between use and that is absolutely fine. But what if we let you in on a secret. You can actually use your coffee machine without even touching it. That's right. No contact. Nearly all our coffee machines, both old and new now have touchless technology. All you need to do is download the app to your android phone and the usual drinks menu you would normally see on the coffee machine will be available to you on your phone screen. What's more, if you like your coffee speciality a certain strength or with a little less milk or a little more milk; this can be saved to the app.

Hey presto! Everyone can enjoy their coffee machine worry-free, like the good ol' days!

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