Vanilla iced latte recipe for August.

So this might not be the most normal August but a couple of things still run true. It's sunny, it's hot and an vanilla iced latte is still an all-time favourite. And while a lot of us are still working from home, that doesn't mean we should miss out on one of our most important meetings of the day. The one at about 2.30pm, straight after lunch. I believe the colleague goes by the name of Jura?

That's right, any speciality coffee can be made at home and today we're letting you in on a rockin' iced vanilla latte recipe. It's quick. It's super easy. No, really it is. And it's guaranteed to win you brownie points with the whole family.


Double espresso

250ml of whole milk

3 shots of vanilla flavoured syrup

Ice cubes



If you're lucky enough to have a coffee machine at home, brew a double espresso from freshly roasted coffee beans. We like to use our iKhofi Emerald blend for any iced latte drinks but the coffee beans you have at home will still do the trick.

Top the double espresso with 250ml of whole milk.

Add 3 shots of the vanilla flavoured syrup. 

Throw in the ice cubes. 

Stir and enjoy!