Returning to the office post-lockdown? Let us help.

For some, the prospect of returning to an office space is exciting and welcomed, and for others it feels foreign and slightly daunting. Lockdown has affected us all differently, but at iKhofi, we want to do everything that we can to make the transition back to office life and “normality” is as stress free and as enjoyable as possible.

One of the biggest issues every workplace now faces is the understandable concern for hygiene upkeep, and any avoidance of cross-contamination. We totally get it, and as a result we have created our very own “COVID-19 Return to Work Clean” - this has been carefully put together to make sure that our customer’s coffee machines are all given a thorough deep clean prior to being used again. Whether you didn’t have time to properly shut down the coffee machine prior to lockdown, or maybe you just need some reassurance and peace of mind, our Return to Work Clean will ease any COVID-19 concerns you might have.

Taking this even further, our touch-free coffee machines will let you select your hot drink from your smartphone or apple watch. This means you don’t even have to come into direct contact with a coffee machine if you don’t want to, and the only thing that you have to worry about is providing your own mug! 

It is also important to point out that all of our hot drink paraphernalia, including sugar, paper cups, wooden stirrers, and enveloped teabags are now sealed in fully recyclable or compostable packaging. Let us break each of these down individually:

Sugar Sachets: all white and brown sugar sachets, as well as our natural sweetener sachets are now wrapped in plastic-free sachets that is recyclable with paper, or compostable with food waste - yippee!

iKhofi Paper Cups: if you don’t wish to use mugs from the office kitchen, we can provide you with iKhofi paper cups that can be recyclable OR compostable, so you can decide depending on your workplace recycling system.

Wooden Stirrers: for any offices or workplaces that are looking to ditch the use of communal cutlery, our wooden stirrers are a great alternative, and yes of course they’re recyclable!

Enveloped Teabags: we absolutely love working with Clipper Tea as not only are the actual teabags plastic-free and compostable with food waste, but their envelopes are also completely plastic free and can be recycled with paper.

Finally, but by no means least, we would like to introduce the latest addition to our ingredients range; Semi-Skimmed Just Milk. When we heard that some offices may avoid using their kitchen fridges for the foreseeable future, it was Just Milk that came to the rescue. Just Milk is 100% long-life milk, and that’s it. Nothing else. No additives, no preservatives. Just long-life milk. It can be kept in the cupboard until needed in the coffee machine, but what makes it even more awesome is that the drinks are just as fabulously delicious as regular milk drinks!

So there you have it. The full lowdown on how we will help you with your transition back to office life and make it as smooth as possible. Almost as smooth as our flat whites!

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